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Make Friends with Your Ego

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The Ego is a very powerful part of us. We need it to survive and emotionally thrive. When we think of our Ego as “evil” or “twisted” or “selfish” rather than as an important ally to be used appropriately, we get ourselves into trouble.

Move beyond The false view of the Ego

Without understanding the real role our Ego should play in our lives, we become out of balance. Our Ego becomes either too aggressive and dominating, or too weak and non-assertive. When we understand that the Ego is only trying to make sure we avoid pain (emotional, spiritual, and physical), we begin the process of getting back in balance within ourselves.

From the Journey to the Naked Soul perspective, understanding how our Basic Ego works is imperative. Contrary to many religious belief systems, we see the Basic Ego as a normal human function and not some kind of evil force that is a demonized being that sits on our shoulder and makes us do bad thing.

Woman with angel and demon in her shoulder

When we think of our Basic Ego function as an evil force that is separate from and outside of us, it causes us to feel we need an equally positive outside force to neutralize the evil force. Now we become dependent upon two opposing outside forces that are always at war.

When we quit warring with our Ego, it helps us have more internal peace. The more internal peace we have the less we feel a need to wage external war. We can have world peace if, and only if, we make friends with our Basic Ego. To accomplish this, we first need to better understand our Basic Ego.

Understand Your Ego’s REAL Role

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By itself, without oversight, our Basic Ego is like a child that is emotionally and spiritually immature. It is this lack of oversight and instinctive immaturity that causes us to have relationship and addiction problems. It drives us to find ways of escaping our “negative” emotions. When we identify too strongly with the separateness of our Basic Ego, we wander about in our life’s journey and do not know why we feel lost or lonely. We feel a deep sadness because we experience a disconnection from our true Core Being and ultimately from our Naked Soul. Over time the sadness turns into depression. We are told by “experts” that this depression is an illness or a defect in our brain chemistry.

Instead of thinking of the oversight function as a force outside of us as dictated to us by many religious belief systems, what if this power that we can depend on is actually within us? What if we already know exactly how to lead ourselves from the inside? What power would we need to do this? This is the power of insight through conscious self-observation that is the key to our inner peace.

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