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Recognize the Value of Separation & Unification on Your Journey

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Our journey is like wandering in the wilderness. Over and over we find our true path, only to lose our way again. It is a learning process of separation and unification. Each time we become lost we must re-group and learn how to find our way again. This is a natural state of our spiritual evolution. Separation and unification has to occur as our consciousness evolves.

In the separation part of our journey we feel a shadow come over us. Our shadow holds the dark side or “negative” emotions of our human nature. To evolve, our job is not to cast out our shadow, but to own it and become a partner with it to find a solution to what troubles us. When we successfully accomplish this, we become integrated, and unified with our Naked Soul. Only through the lessons brought to us by the shadow and darkness, can we let in the light of awareness (or enlightenment). Each time we humbly accept and have compassion for our dark shadow, we peel away another layer that draws us closer to the illumination and unification with the Love we seek. This is when we know from inside out we have become One with our Naked Soul.

When we unite with our Naked Soul our pain is salved and we become connected and filled with the beauty of Life. We know we belong and we feel whole. We no longer question our true worth and there is no sadness or fear. What remains is the experience of being flooded with Love, gratitude and a lightness of being.

It is important to remember that the goal of this journey is not to attain perfection. Life itself is not perfect nor static. Our journey is a process that is fluid and expansive. It is a continual learning process that is an art and a dance with life. We need to take the pressure off of ourselves that somehow we are supposed to always know what path to take on our journey. It is normal (not a weakness as taught by our culture) to ask others for help or for a fresh perspective.

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