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Founder's Bio

 Founder’s Bio

Elaine A. Rozelle, MA, LVN

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  • MA Counseling Psychology National University

  • Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of California

A warm hello! I am the founder of Journey to the Naked Soul. I was professionally trained as a teacher and health care professional. I had many years of professional training in multiple therapeutic models and I have experience counseling hundreds of adults and adolescents with emotional issues from depression and anxiety, to addictions and personality diagnoses.

I understand how broken our “Mental Health” system is through my work as a Psychiatric Nurse in multiple institutions. But more than skills and experience, I have done my own personal work.

I realized after a powerful personal experience that my true calling was being a “Spiritual Guide.” To paraphrase Deepak Chopra, “There is no problem that doesn’t have a spiritual solution.” Wow! How true I have found this to be. I discovered this when I turned fifty after I ran into some problems that nearly cost me my life.

The spiritual solution for me came when I found my way back to my Naked Soul, which resulted in the happiness that I had been missing. Even though my soul had been there all along, I had to go through a journey to the center of myself to find it. This journey took every bit of courage and perseverance I could muster. It was THE most challenging thing I have ever done, but it was soooo worth it!

Since my initial transformational experience, I have used what I’ve learned many times to continue transforming parts of myself, as I’m sure I will till the day I die. I am now dedicated to using my life experience and therapeutic background in service to others.

I’m Here to support you

As the founder of Journey to the Naked Soul I know from personal experience that you already have everything internally that you need for your personal journey. You are at the center of your own empowerment and your inner wisdom is your guiding light. Your journey starts wherever you currently are in your life. As a facilitator for your personal journey, I gently guide you where you determine you want to go, helping you trust yourself, feel emotionally resilient, empowered, and self-compassionate and self-confident.

Individual Life Guidance

Having gone to the depths of my soul, I love to guide individuals on their personal journeys, as they shine the light of clarity on their inner pain and transform their lives into experiences filled with passion, joy and possibilities!

Mentoring for Professionals

I specialize in assistance for coaches, mentors, spiritual and emotional guides, counselors, teachers, therapists, parents, and medical practitioners to help them develop the tools to facilitate more successful outcomes for those they guide.


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