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Individual Guidance

Individual Life Guidance

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We each have a unique path to follow to find the treasures at the center of ourselves. When we are connected to all parts of ourselves, including our Naked Soul, Core Being (True Self), Basic Ego and Actualizing Ego, we easily access our treasures that help us experience joy, peace, and contentment.

Many of us, however, were not taught how to access ALL of these very important parts of ourselves. While it is not our fault that we didn’t learn how to do it, as adults it is up to us to take ourselves the rest of the way back home to our whole Self.

You Already have Everything You Need for Your Journey


It’s less about changing yourself and more about allowing yourself to experience something that is already inside of you. Don’t let other professionals or step programs ever tell you what is or is not possible for you to accomplish. If you want to experience a life with more fulfillment, empowerment, Love, and joy it is there waiting for you.

While you already have what you need internally to transform your life, it can be challenging to learn how to open the door to your most vulnerable being. You may not feel you can just “go there” to your True Self. this is because after living a life of avoidance and conditioning your Basic Ego will keep deflecting you away. It may take gentle care, and knowledgeable guidance to help you uncover your inner treasures.

  • Sometimes you can do it yourself,

  • Sometimes you need encouragement, and

  • Sometimes you need help from someone who is an experienced and knowledgeable guide who has walked their own walk.

Assistance for Your Journey

There are times when all of us need help on our journey. There are things we are blind to about ourselves that an outside friend, colleague, teacher, coach, therapist, or guide can help us see more clearly. Our individualistic culture tends to make us feel we have to do everything independently of others, that we are “weak” if we admit we need guidance. This is a false value that can keep us locked inside of ourselves.

The journey to your True Self can be a delicate process. Only those who understand the pitfalls of, and have undertaken their own journey, can shine a light for others to guide them on their journey. A therapist, counselor, mentor, or teacher can have all the licenses in the world but not have taken their own journey. We know because our mentors have taken their own journeys back home to their True Selves. They all use the art of therapeutic intervention combined with scientific methods.

Partnering to build your emotional resilience

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We believe in creating a safe learning environment that begins with expanding your self-empowerment through emotional resilience training. Increasing your emotional resilience allows you to move into the next phase of your journey. That next phase teaches you how to move with and through emotional traumas or experiences that are holding your journey back.

We use a variety of techniques in working with you starting with a resiliency building program and then going in deeper through internal voice work, visualizations, goal setting, emotional release and Actualizing Ego training.

Our commitment is to guide you to your inner wise leader and compassionate self-manager. We teach you the tools to successfully navigate through the tricky ways of the Basic Ego. It’s time to possess all of you so you can make the best choices in your life and experience true inner freedom and a life of total well-being.

our founding guides

Elaine Rozelle, MA, LVN
Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of California and Spiritual Guide

Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, Founder of Heroic Journey Consulting, Mentor, Author, Educator & Presenter


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