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Your Brilliant Journey

Your Brilliant Journey is Waiting for You

As humans we have the opportunity to create for ourselves a journey of spectacular vision of Love and wholeness. When we find the courage to step off the comfortable main road in our journey, we experience both trepidation and exhilaration.

We revel in the excitement and anticipation of returning to our first home, our Naked Soul. But taking this journey also causes us fear and trepidation. This fear response is the survival function of our Basic Ego. Because our Basic Ego is all about protection its natural response is to guard us against any novel or uncomfortable emotions. It zaps our body with an electrical signal that tells us we are in danger and we need to emotionally run away or freeze in place. The result is we cannot move forward into new dimensions unless we understand how to better manage our Basic Ego’s instinctual responses.

The truth is it can be confusing and challenging for us to know which is the right path to take; one of familiarity, conformity, and emotional “stuckness,” or one of adventure, freedom, Love, and growth. How do we determine what to do? Some of us may choose to follow a religious path which gives us comfort in definite answers. But the downside of some religions is that it can end up leading us down a rabbit hole of following authoritarian sources and leaders. We humans all want definite answers and comfort, but if we are expected to believe without being allowed to challenge sources or authority, it becomes nothing more than dogma. We end up settling for less than we could have because we choose emotional comfort over uncomfortable advancement.

Journey to the Naked Soul helps point you in the direction of your own deep inner knowing. But, what if you can’t hear, feel, or trust your inner wisdom? To address this question you may need to further explore, understand, and have a compassionate connection to your most intimate inner self. Often we find that our traumas and emotional neglect from your vulnerable childhood can stop your energy from moving. These issues become road blocks that keep you separated from your deeper inner wisdom. Emotions that you ignore, stuff down, or rationalize are like your inner children who feel abandoned when you send them away to fend for themselves.

Sometimes being a good parent to yourself means you need to bring your emotional children close to you and give them the Love and Compassion they need. This is usually where you can get stuck in your hurt emotions and feel like you are a victim to your own wounded emotions. A good guide can help you relax into this process and reconnect to your abandoned emotional inner children. You can then take over this process each time a wounded feeling keeps you from accessing your own inner “loving parent of your dreams." The goal is to have your energy free flowing, which keeps you healthy, empowered, and deeply enjoying your life.

connecting with the Five stages of Your brilliant Spiritual Journey

Understanding where we are in our spiritual journey can help us know what we need to do to get to the next phase. Without this understanding, we may feel like we are wandering in the wilderness without knowing where we are going. This feeling of being lost often creates higher anxiety than necessary and keeps us from knowing how to get to the next stage and appreciating the beauty of the journey along the way.

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Stage 1: Being at One with yOur Spiritual Essence

In the beginning our life is a seed coiled and waiting for nature to pour forth its great waters. We come ready with fullness of heart and we are One and at peace with fullness as we swim in a sea of Love. Here we are not separate from this first Love and knowing. This is our Naked Soul. This is the spiritual essence of our being that follows us from the beginning of life and infinitely after.

Stage 2: Building Worldly Relationships

In this stage we find ourselves searching for our own independence, to build relationships with other humans and find our work in the world. At some point in our journey we may begin to notice that an emptiness has started to come upon us. We find ourselves pining for something. It is as though we have lost something precious that we once knew. This is a natural evolution that is necessary. We must experience the loss of something before we can begin our quest for something far greater, more fulfilling, and that speaks to our deeper passions.

Stage 3: Searching for our deepest intimate self

In this phase we may continue to ask ourselves, “Is this is all there is?” We may experience a sense of emptiness, sadness, fear, loneliness, and even grief. Sometimes we become angry that we can’t just “get over it.” This impatience actually makes the emotions intensify, or worse yet, we feel numb. We need to allow ourselves the full experience of our emotions, bring them in closer to us instead of pushing them away, and self-soothe. If we don’t our energy becomes bogged down. This is where many of us spiral between excitement and depression. We may use addictive behaviors to numb our painful emotions. We may experience fear that turns into panic. We may blame ourselves and our loved ones for our feelings. We do these things in our quest for relief and inner peace. But, it is important to realize that our depression, anxiety, and addictions are only symptoms, which are trying to tell us something significant. They are reminding us that we have become lost from our truth, our Self-Love, and the source of our empowerment.

So it is now, just when we feel overwhelmed that we have come to a fork in our path. If we are ever going to experience true inner freedom and clarity of heart, this is the most important choice we will ever have to make. We can continue on the predictable path of despair and fear hoping for a miracle. Or we can start our true journey and take the other unpredictable and uncomfortable path. Because, if guided properly, this new path will lead us onto the journey that will carry us forward from this time onward that is the beginning of knowing our most intimate Self.

Stage 4: Experiencing Profound Self-love

This fourth phase is the most important and profound phase, since it ultimately leads us back to our first connection and a Love we were first born with. We begin to face and sooth our emotional pain, confusion, and discomfort. Because life is movement and change, in the process we will lose and find our way time and time again. We will find ourselves cursing others when we believe the answers can only be found somewhere outside of ourselves. But, this is not our true path, which only creates more internal conflict. We must dare to stop fighting a war within ourselves and accept that we know nothing. We must trust that all of the answers have already been given to us and we only have to relax our grip of control and embrace our natural process.

Stage 5: Being at Home inside Yourself

This is the most beautiful phase of our spiritual journey. This is what we were built for. If we listen, we can hear it in the beating of our crying heart. Its message is written with the blood of our grief. This fifth phase of the journey will take us back to the place of our original Home. This Home is where the seed of our Naked Soul is waiting for us. It calls to us with a yearning like a lone wolf crying for its pack. Our heart begins to break open. The depth of our feeling makes us cry with the pain and compassion for ourselves and for all living beings. Just when we thought we could bear it no more, it moves us into an Infinite Love and Knowing. Our seed uncoils and has grown through the Unwanted Gift of obstacles into a beautiful tree standing in a forest of Love. This is the spiritual quest of our lives, the one that completes us and this is what we have come here for!

practical steps you can take to get on Your true path

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You don’t have to know exactly were you are going before you step onto your true path. All you need to have is a commitment to begin the journey wherever you are. Although you will discover unique things about yourself as you progress, there are some practical universal steps, which can make your quest easier and more enjoyable along the way:

  1. Open yourself to self-love, so you can truly care for yourself. Following the guidelines to increase your self-compassion can help you do this.

  2. Learn about how your Core Being is the heart center of your life. This heart center can keep you on course with your self-love and self-compassion. It holds the key to your self-trust and self-confidence, which empowers you to live your life with greater ease and relaxation.

  3. Identify your Basic Ego and learn how it often leads you away from your true path. Your Basic Ego means well, but if you do not understand how it operates, you will find yourself submerged in emotions that create unnecessary, distracting, and confusing drama in your life.

  4. Learn how to find, use, and increase the power of your more evolved and evolving Actualizing Ego. Your Actualizing Ego is your personalized life clarification tool. When you use this part of yourself, you will learn how to become your own best leader. When you have full access to this part of yourself you will make better choices in your relationships, your work and family life. Your life will come together with clarity and self-reliance that makes you truly free and empowered.

  5. Honor your Naked Soul. This is your own unique internal spiritual essence that is connected to and fed by that which has many names including God, Great Soul, Great Energy Source, Universal Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Resource, the Creator, and Great Spirit. Everything you need is inside of you already. You have been given life’s gift and all you have to do is allow it to guide you into your life’s purpose.

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We Are Here to Support You on your journey

At Journey to the Naked Soul, we recognize that more often than not our sadness, anxiety, relationship problems, and addictions are a normal response to an abnormal or stressful situation we do not feel capable of handling.

Individual Life Guidance

Through our personalized guidance, we help you build a stronger and more resilient Actualizing Ego. While you become more empowered you can now focus on removing the emotional traumas that keep you blocked by your Basic Ego. When energy is unblocked it increases your self-love and compassion. When energy is free flowing and positive it creates total well-being in your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Mentoring for Professionals

If you are a caregiver, parent, teacher, nurse, therapist, doctor, or coach, we are here to support you. We have thirty years of experience guiding professionals like you to a deeper level within themselves, so you can continue to successfully guide others to more personal depth.

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