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Your Whole Being

Your Whole Being

Most of us attempt to journey through life without a sense of connection to all parts of ourselves. This disconnection contributes to the epidemic in our culture of anxiety, sadness, depression, anger and addiction. To journey to the center of ourselves and stand naked in this truth of who we are, requires us to connect to our whole being. Once we are connected, we have an internal sense of peace, clarity and bliss.

Gather Your Entire Self for the Journey Inward

By having all parts of ourselves, we develop the resilience needed to go wherever our journey leads us. This is what allows us to fully experience all life has to offer and confidently share our unique gifts with the world.

Your Naked Soul

Our Naked Soul is the ember that sparks our life into existence and becomes the spiritual essence of who we are. It never leaves us. It is immutable. It is not measured in time, since it has always been and always will be with us. It travels with us in life and beyond.

It is also the Center of both our personal and universal connection to Love. It feeds and nourishes us with self-compassion. It invests us with immense empathy for other beings.

Your Core Being

Our Core Being is the heart center of our being and is the personalized voice of our Naked Soul. Our Core Being holds our deepest knowing and our original Compassionate Self. It speaks to us in a language of Love that our Western culture often discounts.

Your Basic Ego

Our Basic Ego is our primary mechanism for surviving and thriving in the world. Its function is to make sure we emotionally and physically minimize stress and maximize comfort. There are several developmental components of our Basic Ego that help us effectively relate to our environment and evolve as human beings.

Your Actualizing Ego

The Actualizing Ego is one of the least developed parts of our Ego. It is, however, the most aware, conscious, and sophisticated part of our being. When functioning well, our Actualizing Ego acts as a good self-leader, helping us make conscious choices and wise decisions as it guides us through life’s challenges.

We Are Here to Support You on your journey

Individual Life Guidance

Through our personalized guidance, we help you build a stronger and more resilient Actualizing Ego. While you become more empowered you can now focus on removing the emotional traumas that keep you blocked by your Basic Ego. When energy is unblocked it increases your self-love and compassion. When energy is free flowing and positive it creates total well-being in your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Mentoring for Professionals

If you are a caregiver, parent, teacher, nurse, therapist, doctor, or coach, we are here to support you. We have thirty years of experience guiding professionals like you to a deeper level within themselves, so you can continue to successfully guide others to more personal depth.

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